Friday, September 30, 2011

More Spectrafrankens

I did some more messing around with Spectraflair and came up with some awesome Spectrafrankens. The only problem is … which to try first?!



The Legend of Ron Burgundy (that was my partner’s idea. Genius, huh?!), He’s my Lobster, Unicorn Tears.



Albino Smurf (a very light blue with a hint of teal … I asked the boy what to call this and he said “blue?” bwahahha, but then he came up with Albino Smurf and I love it!) and Goblin Snot (an olive green which I love).


So many Spectrafrankens, so little nails … I still have Bump in the Night and Janie’s Got a Gun to try, too. Help!!



  1. oh wow! They ALL look fantastic - when you swatch can you share the recipe's if possible, I know when I franken, I sometimes don't remember the exact formula ;-p

  2. Thanks :D
    I'll try, I know a couple were very experimental so I'll have to try to remember the recipes :D

    Oh, by the way, Albino Smurf is a mutant child of your Terrific Teal!!! You said you just put Spectraflair in BYS Dark Teal, right? I did the same and it turned out a lot lighter :S I tried to darken it up using some black but that was as dark as I could get it!!!

  3. That's strange, yeah - I just bought a bottle of BYS Dark Teal especially to make Terrific Teal......maybe you added more spectraflair than I did

    Still gorgeous & I love the name Albino Smurf :-)

  4. Maybe I did :( :( I'll have to do it more gradually next time! Hehe thanks, my partner thought of it :P

  5. These all look amazing too. I don't know which I like best. Unicorn tears looks amazing, and i can't wait to see Goblin snot on your nails. No wonder you need more spectraflair!

  6. Thank you, my lovelies!!!

    I've decided to wear The Legend of Ron Burgundy to a wedding I'm going to in Adelaide on Sunday... and I'm putting He's My Lobster on now! Can't wait to try the others :D

    Cathy, I know!!! I just keep getting inspired with it and they are so easy to make. I love it :D A friend has asked me to make her a full sized Hot Stuff, so I was like "nooo, my precious Spectraflair, must get more" :P

  7. I vote for Goblin Snot! That looks like my kind of color!

  8. Goblin Snot will be up on Friday :D Wooohooo :D