Monday, September 19, 2011

NYC Color Bluebird with Konad

I’m loving these NYC Color polishes I got from Woolies when they had their big bin full of them. These polishes were so popular that the bin was almost empty within about three days. I was lucky and got to it not long after they put it out for sale because the bin was piled high when I got to it Open-mouthed smile


This is Bluebird:


Two perfect coats. Amazing formula. You cannot go wrong with this. It’s such a lovely bright, pastel blue. My partner hates it, of course, because he hates pastels. Too bad they’re my favourite Winking smile


Aaaand some more ‘Nadding with my new Bundle Monster plates:


BM-208 in the Konad Princess Special Polish in White.


I love this on my little nubby nails. I was getting annoyed with how long my nails were getting and I think pastels look way better on nubs, so I chopped them all down. I love it Open-mouthed smile I much prefer having nubs.


What do you think?

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