Friday, September 16, 2011

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

This is one cool polish, but it was so not what I expected.
I expected a shiny, glittery blue polish, but instead I got this:

China Glaze’s Blue Sparrow, two coats. Still gorgeous, but I was not expecting it to turn out matte!
Because it was matte, it dried super fast. It applied easily but it wore like crap.
I wanted to see what it looked like shiny, so I added a coat of Seche Vite:

Pretty! But you know what? I actually preferred it matte! My partner agreed.
So I put a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic over the top and called it quits.
I did this after dinner one night and had a chip before the end of the night. Ugh, it was so chipped by the end of the next day, I had to take it off. Stupid pretty but undurable mattes!

I like this polish, and I prefer it matte, but to avoid annoying chips I think I’ll have to wear it with a top coat in the future.

What do you think, matte or gloss?



  1. I always kind of waffle over whether I like this or not, even though I love blue, I love neon and I loooove glitta. I do really like it all shiny but I'm a fiend for shiny things!

  2. Oh I'm a fiend for shiny things too :P They easily distract me! Heheh. But it is a bit of a strange one for sure!