Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BYS Urban Jungle with Konad

What a lovely, lovely colour this is. This is another of the BYS colours I chose in Cat from The Khromazone’s big birthday giveaway.

Urban Jungle:


Gorgeous Open-mouthed smile Amazing formula, this is two coats. It could have easily been one but I’m pedantic like that. Unfortunately it didn’t have much staying power and I chipped my little finger the day after I applied it. But even so, gorgeous and well worth adding to your collection.

I bought some cheap cheap image plates off eBay and received them yesterday (they got here so fast)! So I tried a couple of images out:



A cute flower (Konad Princess Special Polish in Deep Purple and Jungle Green) and butterfly (in Red). Quite cute Open-mouthed smile

These image plates I got are pretty good for the price. I’ve already noticed a couple of images which don’t work too well, but you get what you pay for!


I think the best thing about Urban Jungle is that there are so many options for multi coloured Konad-ing. Just about any colour looks good stamped onto it (except maybe hot pink, but you never know, it might work!!)


What’s your favourite colour to stamp on top of?




  1. Man I always forget to try and stamp with multiple colors-so freakin cool!!

  2. I do too!!! Then the other day I was like hang on... This is the perfect stamp to do multi-coloured! :D