Monday, September 5, 2011

essie Mint Candy Apple

My first essie, wheee! I’ve been wanting to try out essie for so long and this is a colour I’ve been eyeing off right from the start.



Mint Candy Apple, three coats.

I chopped my nails down because they were starting to get too long. They get to a certain length and I start to think they look too claw-like. I love pastel polishes with lil nubbin nails. I think it’s such a cute combo Open-mouthed smile Nawww, look at the lil nubbins!

Anyway, the first couple of coats were a bit streaky but it evened out by the third coat. This is such a beautiful colour.

This is definitely a winner, in my opinion. I managed to score this and two other essies off (formerly Trans Design) for USD$4. The day after I placed my order they went up to USD$8. I’m not sure what happened there but I’m thinking they made a mistake and I benefitted from it Open-mouthed smile


I was going to stamp over this but decided it was way too pretty to cover up. So I enjoyed it for two days without any chips Open-mouthed smile


Do you like paste polishes?




  1. So beautiful. Relly like the new length too.

  2. Thanks, hun! Buy buy buy! You won't regret it!

  3. Hahaha they made a mistake and you benefited from it! I was just eyeing my own Mint Candy Apple the other day... maybe its time to wear it again.

  4. ohh i have been eyeing this off myself! saw it at myers the other day and now i definitely want it! might have to add it to my next big haul!

  5. Reeree, I sure did benefit from it :P The weather is warming up and it's so perfect for spring!

    Kelz, do eeeet!!! You will love it :D It's just one of those staples you neeed to have!