Sunday, September 11, 2011

BYS Army Chic + Konad

I haven’t worn BYS in a little while because I’ve been going nuts over my China Glazes, OPI etc.
But today I knew I was in the mood to try this polish:

Army Chic, three coats with a coat of SV. This is one of the polishes I chose when I won Cat from The Khromazone’s birthday giveaway. Thanks, Cat!
So pretty Open-mouthed smile It’s such a nice, neutral colour. But my, oh my, was application a biatch. Streaky, streaky, streaky Sad smile It did even out a fair bit by the third coat but it just wasn’t fun to work with. Lucky it’s a nice colour Smile with tongue out

My nails felt a little naked so I added some Konad:
Muuuuch better Open-mouthed smile I love this Konad Jungle Green Princess Special Polish! It has a gorgeous gold shimmer through it (enlarge the pic to see).
This image is an interesting one. To me, it looks like weeds. Or the stems of flowers. I don’t know, but I thought it suited Army Chic to a tee! I have this image in my head of an army chick laying on her belly in tall grass hiding from the enemy. Is that just me? Ha, probably Smile with tongue out

I can’t wait to get my Bundle Monster Series 2 plates. I’m getting a little bored with the image plates I have because I don’t have many. Hopefully they will be here next week!



  1. i love nail polish

    good photos.

    Greetings from Peru

  2. Yay for Army Chic. Although I had trouble with the application too. Looks fantastic with the stamping.

  3. Me too, deysi!!

    I expected the application to be good so I was a bit disappointed, Cat :( But I love the colour and stamping combo :D