Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BYS Pretty Pastel Peppermint with Konad

I love that I’m loving most of the polishes I’m trying lately. There’s nothing worse than trying a polish and thinking “yuck, I’ll never wear that again”.

This BYS polish is no exception: I love it!




Pretty Pastel Peppermint, three coats. I probably could have gotten away with two but I had a couple of bald spots.

It is such a lovely mid mint green. This was my choice for my weekend in Adelaide because I know BYS polishes wear so well and I was going to be wearing it for three days, possibly four.


And, how did you guess? I did some Konading!



BM-205. Love this pattern. It is just so pretty!  But my, oh my, was it a biatch. It wasn’t done very well, the edges were really sharp so when I cleaned it after each stamp, fuzz from my cotton pads kept getting stuck!! It took me until my second hand (strangely my right hand is way better than my right in this case) to get the hang of it.


Have you noticed that EVERY brand of stamping plates is different? Konad is awesome to use (of course) and they require little effort. A no-name Asian made plate I have needs more polish because the images are cut deeper and the Bundle Monster plates need less polish and a much firmer hand because the images are cut a lot shallower. Takes me a while to master each!! So don’t mind the messiness!!!!



  1. That is so pretty! I have been eyeing this shade off.

  2. It's awesome, Kristy. You should definitely get it!

  3. That is such a lovely shade. Interesting comment about the different plates. I have been using my BM plates mainly and got used to them. I don't seem to get cotton stuck, but if stamping with black I manage to get it all over my fingers!

  4. Yes, it's strange, Cathy! I've only noticed the cotton getting stuck to this one image.. I've used about four others and they seem fine.
    Oh yeah, black stains soo bad with stamping :( I do exactly the same!!

  5. This is so pretty! Just found your blog=am a new follower!

  6. Welcome :D Thanks for the comment :D