Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dermalogica Clean Start review–WARNING–PIC HEAVY

When I was in Adelaide a few weeks ago, I picked up a starter kit of Dermalogica Clean Start. The lovely sales assistant threw in a bunch of samples so I got to try out the whole range properly Open-mouthed smile

I was so pleased with the range that I bought full sized products after just two weeks.

I got:


Wash Off, All Over Clear (a toner spritz), Brighten Up SPF15.



Ready, Set, Scrub! Hit the Spot, Bedtime for Breakouts.


I love the names of these. This range is aimed at teens, so they are really funky, fun names. Yes, I’m 25 years old but apparently I have the skin of a teenager, urgh.


Wash Off (AM & PM)


I love this stuff! It makes my skin feel so clean without drying it out. It also smells good. I don’t know how to describe the smell, but it’s nice Open-mouthed smile The packaging is fun too.


All Over Clear (AM & PM)


This toner spray is so, so refreshing. I love the hands-free approach to this, to stop you from spreading germies and bacteria over your face. It doesn’t have that “oh my god, my skin is shrinking” that some toners have, so it’s a winner for me! It does take some getting used to spraying myself in the face, but that’s a minor thing Smile with tongue out


Brighten Up SPF15+ (AM)


I think this is my favourite product out of the whole range. They actually have two moisturisers, this one which has a tint and shimmer through it and the other is just a plain one with SPF15.

The tint and moisturiser is amazing. It is so light but at the same time, I don’t have to put on nearly as much makeup because it gives me a glow! I instantly notice a difference when I put this on.


Ready, Set, Scrub! (AM & PM, 3-5 times a week)


This is a scrub and masque in one. I’m yet to try it as a masque (I am sooo lazy with them) but as a scrub it’s great! It’s not too harsh and it gently scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling so smooth. I find that it helps clear up any really stubborn pimples that are lurking.


Bedtime for Breakouts (PM)


This is really cool. You apply it after you wash your face at night in a really thin layer and it helps prevent bacteria forming new pimples and helps to clear up existing pimples too. I’m not a huge fan of having to use my hands for this, but seeing as you use it just after you wash your face, I figure that my hands are as clean as they’ll get while applying it! This really takes a lot of the redness and soreness away and I find that it helps with blackheads, too.


Hit the Spot (Whenever you want)


What a cute little spot treatment pen! I generally apply this at night after I wash my face and apply Bedtime for Breakouts. You can actually feel this working on your zits as soon as you apply it. Love Open-mouthed smile


And then, of course, I got some samples Open-mouthed smile



Yay! Love freebies!


All in all, I am so happy with this range of products and I’m so glad I’ve found something that works for my skin. They are a little pricey (I paid about $175 for this lot and got free shipping) BUT another good thing about all of these products is that you don’t have to use much at all, so these will probably last me at least nine months. They are such high quality products and Dermalogica have such a large range that it’s very likely there will be something to suit your skin!


If you have any questions about the products, just let me know!


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