Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chemistry 609

Who doesn’t love a good holo? *Sigh* They are just so pretty.


I tried my first holo from my Chemistry haul that Shatter Me Claire got me.


This is 609, a beautiful silver scattered holo:


Three coats and a coat of SV. It applied pretty well, with a little bit of drag. It was bling-tastic, I tell you!! Absolutely loved it.


For some different (hehehe) I decided try try out my new Bundle Monster plates and Konad over the top:



BM-210 stamped with Konad Princess Special Polish in Blue Pearl. This is such an awesome electric blue colour. Love!

I think this is preeetty Open-mouthed smile So psychadelic. I think I’d wear something like this if I was going to a 70s party or something!


So, I’ve decided to start watermarking my photos.. What does everyone think? I want to get the watermark through the whole area so it can’t be easily cropped out, but I don’t want it to cover the pic too much. Thoughts?

I’m in Adelaide again this weekend. Let’s see what nail goodies I come back with this time? Smile with tongue out



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