Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BYS Sunshine with Cheetah and Stripe Konad

This was another one of the polishes I chose when I won Cat’s Birthday Giveaway. This is BYS Sunshine:



This is two coats of Sunshine. Two painful coats of Sunshine. It was streaky and thick and I had a wonky brush so that made it harder.

A friend recommended this polish to me and said it was so bright and cheerful and made her happy.

Well, it’s bright, alright!

I could barely stand to look at it because I wasn’t used to wearing such a bright colour. And then something weird happened … it started to grow on me.

I really did not expect that to happen! But I still felt rather conspicuous so I stamped a new (to me) design on them:



Cute, right? Apart from the smudginess, I mean. This is stamped in the Konad Princess Special Nail Polish in Eggplant. I really like this colour because it’s dark enough to pass as brown for animal print.


I wore this for two full days without chips or tip wear. Go BYS! Continually proving themselves as a reliable and inexpensive nail polish brand Open-mouthed smile. Buy BYS at Fashion Addict.




  1. Gorgeous combination. Love your stamping skills.

  2. Fantastic combo of colours - love the stamping! ♥

  3. Aww thanks guys :D I definitely liked this a LOT more than I thought I would :D