Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three gorgeous Spectrafrankens

Hello friends,

I went to the dentist after work today so I’m sitting here feeling a bit sorry for myself, eating mashed potato and waiting for the feeling to return to my face. I got one wisdom tooth out and had a filling on the other side. My poor mouth Sad smile  On the up side, that should be it for dental work for a long while Open-mouthed smile


Anyway, I was feeling inspired tonight so I decided to create some Spectrafrankens! I am really, really pleased with how they turned out.

Have a looksee:


I have named them Bump in the Night (black), Blue Lagoon (gorgeous and what I think is very unique blue) and Janie’s Got a Gun (gunmetal grey). You like? Open-mouthed smile 


Now here’s where you come in. I need you guys to help me decide which one to try first! What do you think? Will it be Bump in the Night, Blue Lagoon or Janie’s Got a Gun?




  1. :-( hate dental work

    Great frankens, I vote for Janie's Got a Gun

  2. Boo for dentists!
    Gorgeous frankens :) Ooh - I can't decide! ALL!!!

  3. Me likey! Um, I think you should go with Janie's got a gun, blue lagoon and bump in the night. I think I also got the same franken bottles as you? Off ebay from QLD? I love the shape but hate that the brush doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle. Are yours like that too?

  4. Dental work suuucks, Kristy!
    Hahah Claire, skittles? :P
    Thanks Cathy :D I got 'em off a QLD website so it's probably the same place! I love the shape too, but YES, I hate how high up the brushes sit, grr! And I don't like the texture of the brush :( They were cheap enough though!