Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spectrafranken–Janie’s Got a Gun

I’m on a mission to try all my Spectrafrankens so that I can share them with Cathy from More Nail Polish for her awesome Spectrafrankens blog post.

So far I’ve created nine Spectrafrankens, only one of which was a fail (and I’m still seeing if I can resurrect that!!!)

This is Janie’s Got a Gun, a beautiful gunmetal grey holo:


Two coats. Beautiful! This one isn’t quite as holo as Blue Lagoon or Hot Stuff, but still gorgeous!

The recipe is easy peasy! I use 5mL bottles so I filled a bottle to the top of the widest part with NYC Colors Charcoal and added 3 tiny straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair. Shake, shake, shake and you have a beauty!


Here’s another photo:



I’ve been having so much fun creating Spectrafrankens that I emailed Cathy today and ordered another 2g of Spectraflair. Embarrassed smile My name is Emma and I have a Spectraflair addiction …


Stay tuned tomorrow for, you guessed it, MORE Spectrafrankens!



  1. gris con brillo, buena combinacion
    bye saludos desde Perú

  2. Absolutely love this one! It looks very unique, plus I'm an Aerosmith tragic haha.

  3. Thanks, deysi!!!

    And thanks, Jaztee! Haha awesome, the name popped into my head as soon as I saw how it turned out!!