Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spa Ritual Earth Matters with Konad M60

I have been dying to try out these polishes ever since I saw them on Steffels’ blog.

These are the Spa Ritual Earth Day polishes.



You get two different greens in a pretty box. The lighter, more foil-y green is called Greenhouse and the beautiful sparkly dark green on the right is Earth Matters.

I got these from Feel Unique, who have an amazing range and do FREE international shipping!!! Now who can resist that!?


Anyway, this is Earth Matters:


Absolutely stunning, right?

This is two coats. It’s not the easiest to apply because it’s fairly thick and gloopy, and being a glitter I had to be really careful not to make a mess because as you all know, it’s hell to clean up.

Then I stamped a design from Konad plate M60 in white.



Pretty, huh?


I can’t wait to try Greenhouse. I think I’ll need to buy some more of the promotional Spa Rituals because they always seem to come out with beautiful ones!


What do you think?




  1. That is awesome, awesome, AWESOME!

  2. Thanks, Stef!!

    On another note, WTF is blogger DOING!??! This was meant to appear on Tuesday morning, not today. GRR GRR GRRRR!!!

  3. I'm dyyyyying over this set. Dying. Seriously!
    I must get my hands on these! Your stamping is gorgeous, it really seems to bring out the bling of Earth Matters :)

  4. They are such gorgeous polishes! It's just so, so pretty. You won't regret buying them! Feel Unique has them at a great price with free international shipping. Can't go wrong :D
    Aww thank you :D I'm such a perfectionist with my stamping so all I can see are the flaws!!!

  5. I want those colours. Thay are gorgeous

  6. You would not regret buying them, Cat!! So stunning :D

  7. Heyya Em, I can't find them at Feel Unique :( If you find/know of anywhere else to get them I'd love if you'd give me a shout :) thnks!

  8. Ohh noo :( They must have sold out :( I don't know hun, have you tried ebay?? xx

  9. They aren't on eBay, but I'm hoping they will pop up at some time, or on MUA swap. Thanks dear! :)