Friday, September 2, 2011

Manicare French Manicure with Konad

I was jonesin’ for some simple, french nails this weekend.

I thought I’d try out this Manicare French Manicure collection that I got in Adelaide.



Not bad, not bad.

Beware of the nail guides they give you, though, because they are sticky mofos! I stuck them to my hand twice and they were still hard to get off! I buggered up my base coat a little pulling these strips off but it wasn’t too bad.

I did one coat of the white for my tips and touched up a couple of bald spots. Then I waited until the polish was completely dry, pulled the strips off and applied two coats of the pink.



Pretty Open-mouthed smile I stamped the adorable owl on my thumbnails in Konad Princess Special Polish Warm Black with my new Konad m23 plate.

I bought this just for the two owl images Smile with tongue out I have no idea what some of the other images are and I don’t know the significance of the Chinese symbols. My partner suggested that it may be for the Year of the Owl?! Does anyone have any idea?



Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a Konad plate?! It is so shiny!! So this plate has the owls, some flowers, a weird looking stork thing and this crazy looking man wearing a top had and holding up an umbrella.

What the?

Can anyone shed any light on what the other images on this plate are even for?!




  1. Looks so cute. Cant shed any light on what those images are. Maybe try holding a piece of black paper over the plates when photographing, I tried this and it kinda works.

  2. After some googling, I found out that they're images from "Hanafuda cards".. . Weird!

    Thanks for the tip hun! They are just so dang shiny!!

  3. The images on the plate are indeed those that are found on Hanafuda (Flower Cards).

    Starting at 12 O'Clock and then going clock-wise you have Iris (Ayame) for May, Next is November's 'Rain-Man' and Frog of the Willow Suit (Yanagi but most Japanese refer to this suit as Ame which means Rain), Plum Blossom (Ume) for February, The 'Owl' is in fact a Chinese Phoenix and this suit represents December with Paulownia(Kiri) being the featured flower. Then we have the Crane (Tsuru) and Pine (Matsu) which represents January and finally we have Cherry Blossom (Sakura)and viewing Curtain for the month of March.

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  5. PS Konad is a Korean company and the Chinese Character means 'Bright'. In Hanafuda (or in this case Hwatu as thats is what the Koreans call them) there are four groups of cards to make scoring hands - Junk, Ribbons, Animals and Brights.

    I have a blog called Hanafuda Hub! You can find a lot more information about Flower Cards there.

  6. I forget the one in the middle! This 'Owl' is in fact the Harvest Moon and the suit is Pampas Grass (Susuki) and represents August.

  7. Ooooh very cool, thanks so much for that info :D How do you know all this?! Are you Korean? :)

  8. Non, Je suis Anglais! I'm just into Hanafuda and Japanese culture in general :)