Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recent nail buys

I realised earlier today that I haven’t been sharing most of my nail goodies lately. I’m not sure why, but it’s time to come clean and share what I’ve bought lately!


I got these this morning at the chemist here:


A cute little mini set of Revlon polishes. Rock Star, Gold Coin and Ruby. They all look amazing. Ruby is the most vampy, delicious red I’ve ever seen. I’m wondering whether Gold Coin will be good to stamp with … only one way to find out!


Another couple of Miki’s. I love these polishes so, so much but unfortunately I’ve gotten all the good colours which are available to me at my local chemist Sad smile. Miki, please come out with some more colours!!!


These don’t have names, as usual (grrr). So I have taken it upon myself to give them identities. The purple is Fit for a Queen (because Purple is royalty) and the greeny blue is Pacific.


Some more NYC Colors:


Blue Sparkle and Sprinkles (my mum surprised me with these when I was in Adelaide last weekend Open-mouthed smile), Charcoal and Chocolate.


Redhead, Gelati, Vintage Pink, Cotton Candy, Pink Cheeks. These are mostly for frankening. The Pink Cheeks is my new favourite french pink though.



Konad M30. How. Freakin’. Cute. If you knew me in real life, you’d know straight away why I had to have this plate: the adorable froggy image!!! I have two frogs, Chad and Kroaker (named after Chad Kroeger from Nickelback) and I adore them. I have lots of frog things and I can’t wait to do a froggy mani! The other images are also adorable, although I’m not sure why the dog looks like a Monopoly character and I’m not sure why the rabbit feels the need to advertise what animal it is!?

Anyway, I can definitely see a ladybird mani in the future.


I’ve also ordered a bunch of fauxnad image plates from eBay. I’m not sure how good they’ll be but they were cheap so I took the risk!

And just last night I ordered the new Color Club Foiled Collection. I am sooo excited about this collection. The colours are to die for and I’ve heard they’re great for stamping. Can’t wait Open-mouthed smile


What have you bought recently?


  1. Nice haul, That plate is super cute!

  2. ohh nice haulage you got there!
    I have that image plate and i LOVE it! With the frog, you need a darker green than a light one. I found it showed up better. When i used a light green it was almost transparent!

    I haven't bought much lately. Ive been keeping a bit quiet. haha I have been wearing polish but not much blogging! I'll be back into it soon, i hope i can get into a better routine. I haven't brought much really at all since my last big haul. Can't wait to see your swatches!

  3. Thanks, Kristy :D

    And thanks, Kel! It is such an adorable image plate. Thanks for the tip :D I've got the Jungle Green Konad Princess Polish so that should do the trick!
    Sometimes you just don't feel like blogging huh? I've been a bit like that lately.. Just way too busy!!