Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sinful Colors Mint Candy Apple with Konad flowers and rhinestones

This was my first time experimenting with two colours of Konad on the one design.

My neighbour (who reads my blog – hi Del!) was really interested in Konad and so she came over and I did her nails.

I started with three coats of Sinful Colours Mint Candy Apple (a favourite of mine) and then used a full nail Konad design.




I used the Jungle Green Konad Princess Special Polish for the flower stems and the Psyche Pink for the flowers. Then I added some clear Konad rhinestones into the centres of the flowers.




She loved it! I’m a bit proud of it too, even though some of the designs are a bit wonky. I find it much harder to Konad on someone else’s nails, how about you?


By the way, the Konad Special Top Coat is SO worth it. So, SO worth it. It is super glossy and wears like STEEL. Each time I’ve used rhinestones on my mani’s I’ve dabbed some of their top coat on the bottom of the rhinestone and then pressed it onto the nail with tweezers, then I put the top coat over the whole nail. I don’t put it over the stone but kind of around the edges, if you know what I mean. The rhinestones have lasted at least three days which is amazing, especially for someone like me who is so rough with their nails.

Now my neighbour has gone and spent $150 on Konad stuff and Seche Vite Smile with tongue out Bwahahhaa.

Have you corrupted anyone nail-wise?



  1. this is pretty, i love konad done in 2 colours

    shel xx

  2. Thanks, Shel!! I love it too.. definitely going to be doing more of these!!