Friday, August 12, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Aqua with stamping

Oh my lord, this is the most beautiful metallic ever.

I give you, Kleancolor Metallic Aqua (two coats):



Pretty, huh?? Although it is much more of a blue than aqua. This was okay to apply. I had a bit of drag when going over already painted bits so that was a bit annoying. I was also doing it while on the phone so I made a mess of my right hand and of course, this polish stained like a biatch. So that was fun!!! Blue skin, anyone? My own fault for not paying attention though Smile with tongue out

I also stamped some silver clouds on my nails. This is a really bad photo (unfortunately I had no daylight so had to work with a very crappy lamp) so you can’t see it properly. I used the silver Konad Princess Special Polish and a new stamping plate I got from APM Express. It has 221 designs on it, including a lot of full nail designs which I love. They are exact duplicates of Konad designs! Love Open-mouthed smile

I wanted to take a photo to show you the plate but of course, shiny surfaces don’t play nice with my camera!!!

Stupid shinies Sad smile



  1. Gorgeous colour. Must get the KC metallics when I take myself off no-buy.

  2. It is beautiful!! KC is such a good price, I'm a bit in love with them :D

  3. It's definitely a favourite, Ree :D I wish I'd bought the other colours, but I guess that'll be in my next Beauty Joint order :P :P