Tuesday, August 30, 2011

China Glaze 2NITE (OMG Collection)

Let’s just all sit down for a moment and appreciate the amazingness which is about to unfold right before your very eyes.
This may not be new to you but it’s new to me and I’m damn proud of my dusty hunting from my Adelaide trip which led me to this baby:

Mmmmmmm! How can you not love it? China Glaze’s 2NITE from the OMG collection which is sadly discontinued.
Three coats with a coat of Seche Vite. No base coat, because I’ve heard that makes application annoying and streaky. But without a base coat, this was great to apply! Just make sure you’re patient and let each coat dry completely before applying the next.
As for top coats dulling the holographic effect of these polishes … FALSE! Yes, it dulls it at first and I panicked because as I applied my SV, the polish went cloudy, but the beautiful rainbow holo effect reappeared as soon as the top coat dried.
As a result, I wore this baby for three days with no chips, no tip wear, nothin’!
I couldn’t choose which pics to show so here are a couple more:

My eyes!

My lucky, lucky eyes to behold such a pretty sight.

I cannot wait to try out the others in the collection, but I must do it slowly or I’ll be pining away for the colours I don’t have before I know it.

Do you love this as much as I do?



  1. Beautiful polish! Should have picked it up when I had the chance :P

  2. Fantastic! Still totally jealous that you found these!

  3. Gaahhh, stupid Blogger!! It was meant to post this on Tuesday!! Ah well, it's up now :P

    I am LOVING these holos. I've never had a linear holo before and I want moooore!

  4. this is gorgeous! a really pretty colour :D

    shel xx

  5. Thanks ladies :D
    I'm in lurv with it myself :D

  6. lol i love how it says "tuesday 30th August" at the top and the post you posted today is below! What the hell is going on Blogger! I am having trouble this end too! Damn Blogger!

    Nice nails though! Love it!

  7. Haha I know, Kelly! It was MEANT to be posted on Tuesday 30th (today) but Blogger decided to post it early and not change the date!? Retarded thing :P

    Thanks, Kel :D

  8. Oh wow! Where on earth did you find something this amazing in Adelaide? I am hopeless at dusty hunting, lol.

  9. I got it at one of those Asian nail places ;) Have never been so lucky since but it was a good find :D

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