Saturday, August 13, 2011

BYS Matte Deep Purple with spotties!

This is one of my favourite BYS colours, Matte Deep Purple.


This is two coats with a coat of SV for shinies. It applies beautifully and is a gorgeous purple. Not sure I’d call it dark purple but more of a mid-purple.


And of course, I had to practice my Konad-ing!


This is the full nail polka dot design from my new large nail design plate from APM Express. I stamped it in the yellow Konad Princess Special Polish.

Not my best attempt, but not too bad! It’s a fun, bright mani anyway and will hopefully get me in the mood for summer!

What’s your favourite colour combo with polka dots? I have to say, anything with white dotties is my favourite, especially red base with white dots!




  1. That nail plate looks so good! I might have to get saving. I wouldn't have known that it was a konad if you hadn't said - I just assumed you were a pro with the dotting pen!! :)

  2. It is awesome :D It's not a Konad, it's a knock off! Cost $30 from an Asian website, wooo!

  3. Before reading that you topped it with SV, I was like "Matte? This is shiny". Haha

    I like pastels with white dots. But then I've only ever tried that combination, so I don't know any better!

  4. Hahaha mayve I didn't know what matte meant?? :P :P
    Oooh pastels with white dots sounds awesome!!! I'm going to have to try that :D

  5. I know, I'm in lurve with spotties :D Going to have to try all different colour combos!

  6. Hi Emma, would you believe that I bought that BYS purple at Cheap as Chips in Mt. Barker today plus about 4 others. I look forward to wearing the Mood Colour to see if it really works. I bought the bright yellow but don't know if I'll wear it :) Maybe on my toe nails in Summer. I'd like to put some silver stars on the purple. Don't know where to get them from though. Your colours are spectacular!!!

  7. Oooh, excellent, Pauline :D They sell them at cheap shops so it's really good :D What colour of the mood colour did you get? I just got 2 of the blues and they look really cute. If you want to test out the colours then dip your hands in cold water (or put them in the fridge!!) and then in warm water and you'll see the difference :)
    Yes, I'm a bit reluctant about the Sunshine yellow too.. but I figure I'll wear it and stamp on top of it so it's not quite so bright!
    Silver stars.. Have you tried Priceline? They often have nail art stickers!
    Thanks so much for commenting, Pauline, I hope all is well with you xxx