Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday mail day + Miki goodies

Wheeee! Friday was mail day. Love it Open-mouthed smile

But on Thursday I was getting impatient waiting for my China Glaze, Color Club, OPI, Essie, SpaRitual, Nubar and BYS polishes to arrive. Sooo I strolled down to the chemist and what did I see?



Cute little mini Miki’s!

They do not have names so I shall name them! The left polish is actually a beautiful dark green with a gold shimmer through it, so I’ve named it Forever Green. The red also has a gorgeous gold shimmer and I called it Fire in Her Eyes.



This Little Piggy, Rainclouds, Spring Sky, Faded Frog.


Two for $5!!! Tell me, does that count for breaking my No Buy August? Smile with tongue out 

These just screamed out at me… such pretty, spring colours! Do you like my names for them? Smile with tongue out


So first up in my Friday mail was a bottle of Seche Restore:


Waaay back in June I ordered some off ebay. The seller never sent it, I had to lodge a dispute through PayPal (thank God for PayPal!!!) and I eventually got my money back. I had to reorder it from somewhere else and I finally have it! Yay Open-mouthed smile I have a few polishes I want to thin and my SV bottle is almost at the stage where I need to thin it.



Backups of SV (you can never have too many Smile with tongue out) and China Glaze Matte Magic top coat (awesome photo, Emma, face the label AWAY from people Smile with tongue out)


Hopefully my COLOUR polish hauls will be here soon!!



  1. Miki's don't count as breaking no-buy. Because they are cheap, and they just turn up in placing you weren't even looking for polish. It's not like you specifically searched for them so it's okay.

  2. I love your logic :P They are such amazing little polishes.. awesome formula and so pigmented! I love it :D