Monday, August 1, 2011

Confession time

I have a confession to make.
I broke my No Buy July.
Totally failed it.

I started off with a big stamping plate that I stumbled across on ebay and just had to have (of course!)
Then I made the mistake of visiting the new (and much easier to navigate) Transdesign website, I bought $55 worth (including shipping) of China Glaze, Essie, Color Club and OPI.
Then I got some Seche Restore, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and China Glaze Matte Magic top coat on eBay. Aaaand then I topped it off with the SpaRituals Earth Day pack of two gorgeous greens (I blame you, steffels!!!!) and a Nubar flakie.

*hangs head* for shame, Emma, for shame.

I almost made about three other orders too but managed to stop myself in the nick of time. See, I can show a little self restraint, it's just that most of the time I don't want to :P

I'm thinking of doing another no buy... but need some support. Whose with me!?



  1. Me. I'm with you. I'm going for nothing until October.

  2. I've just come off no buy today ... but I'm sure I'll be back on it in a week or too :( *looks at what she spent today*

  3. October!!! Woah!! That's pretty full on.. I need to do it for at least a month tho... Alright, no buy August!
    Argh. I can't do it. Yes I can. Argh!!!

    Claire, it sometimes seems like no buys are pointless huh!? The amount I spend when I come off them is ridiculous!!!

  4. Me! No buy August! LETS DO THIS

  5. Yesss! No buy August!! Sounds good, Kaz. We can do it!

  6. IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR! hehe... Good luck for your next No Buy!

  7. It wassss! As soon as I saw those polishes I couldn't stop thinking about them!! I did hold off for a good couple of days though :P
    Thanks! I've just realised I'm going to Adelaide in 3 weekends so it's going to be interesting :P

  8. This is why I can't go on a no-buy. I have very little self-restraint.

    I'm thinking of doing a no-buy, not for a set time but until I swatch and post all of my polishes. This will make me blog more, so its like killing (ouch) two birds with one stone!

    It'll be a while though, I'm yet to actually set my mind to it!

  9. I know what you mean, Renee :( I see something I want and just HAVE to have it :( I never used to be so bad when I lived in Adelaide but now that I live somewhere with so few shops, I just go nuts online :(
    That's a good idea, maybe I'll do that ... hrmmm... Argh it's too hard :(

  10. you almost made it!!
    I don't think i can go on a no-buy. I have NO self restraint at all! haha.
    I was going to try for August but i just bought some morphing pigment off cathy today! I might try September! hahaha we will see!

  11. Heheh nahhh I didn't, I broke it on 24 July :P
    Oooh what's morphing pigment?! On second thought, maybe don't tell me :P

  12. you definitely need this Em! It looks so amazing! sorry but i can't resist telling you! haha but you do probably have to wait a week or two for it to arrive if you want some.

  13. Ohhhhh wow.... hate you :P hehehe jk