Thursday, August 18, 2011

It’s Almost Friday Funny Video

So, by now you’ve worked out that I love cats and dogs.

So here’s another gorgeous kitteh video!


Gah! So fluffy and cute!


Have a fabulous weekend Smile I’m headed to Adelaide early tomorrow morning and I can’t WAIT!



  1. That's so cute! I love the cat int he background -HA HA HA HA - Get out of the box it's my turn :D

  2. Don't break the no-buy too much, while your in Adelaide.

  3. Hehe I know, so cute huh?
    Cat, I know I'm going to break it :P I haven't been anywhere with SHOPS for 4 months!! I'm going to go nuts hahha

  4. nawww! Cute as!!
    Have fun in Adelaide! Your allowed to go nuts if you haven't been to real shops for that long!

  5. Thanks Kelz, that's what I think! As long as I don't go TOO crazy (ie credit card) I'll be happy :) But if I see some must haves I will definitely get them!!