Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Opinions, please!

I'm really undecided as to whether I like my new blog header or not ... I've been looking at it for way too long and now I just can't tell if it's okay or not!
Is it too bright?
Is it too hard to read?
Are the fonts too fancy?

The only thing I do know is that I like the background image.
Any helpful suggestions?!

EDIT: Ah ha! I worked out what was bugging me about my blog design ... the background! The patterned background was clashing with the new header! Yay :D



  1. Thanks, Kristy! Not too hard to read??

  2. I like it! Very eye catching!

  3. Thank you :D I feel better now hehe

  4. New blog layout looks great! :)

  5. Hi Em, I went to www.nailart.net and found out all about stamping. I feel like a big kid getting a stamp for being good. Only I'll have to pay for it. I really like that BYS DK PLUM that Bryan picked out. Unfortunately I don't have nice nails but paint them anyway. I haven't mixed my colours yet but it is that really dk plum that I'm looking for. After reading your comment about re-assessing the heading do you think that it is the orange that is the problem? Perhaps a more desert like colour. Let's hope this goes through as it is what I did the other day. Take care

  6. Hi Pauline,
    Stamping is so much fun :D Are you going to try it?
    You can find BYS Dark Plum in K-Marts and Reject Shops! Or online :) It is such a pretty colour, isn't it? If you have a purple that isn't dark enough, add some black to it if you have black :)
    You might be right, Pauline ... I'll have a look at the colours and see what I come up with!!