Monday, August 29, 2011

Bloom Edinburgh with Nubar 2010

Ah, I’m finally getting stuck into some of the polishes I bought on my Adelaide trip last weekend.

My partner chose this one when I was having trouble deciding which to try first.



Bloom Edinburgh. A gorgeous, gorgeous dark green (almost black) with a stunning shimmer through it.

This was two coats, but it is definitely a one-coater. You know me, I just like to do two even if it’s not necessary! This applied like a dream, so smooth and lovely.

I wanted to keep wearing it so after day one I added some flakies:



Nubar 2010. *Droooooool*. I love me some flakies.

But do you know what I love more?



Some matte flakies. I added a coat of China Glaze’s Matte Magic as the top coat.

I may have to get a bucket to attach to my chin because I love this. Seriously, matte flakies may just be my new ‘thing’. Don’t be surprised if you see 2010 layered on top of EVERYTHING and then mattified Smile with tongue out


Which do you prefer, matte or shiny flakies?




  1. That's just so very lovely! I can't even choose which way I like it better, haha!

  2. I just like flakies in general :D Definitely looks good

  3. Yay. Matte flakies. I LOVE matte flakies

  4. I knoooow, flakies are the best :D I truly loved it because it looked like little gold flakes had fallen on my nails :D