Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More new BYS!

Woohooooo, MORE new BYS polishes! This is going to be bad for my wallet, I can tell.

Photo from Fashion Addict, of course. They have them available now.

These are the new scented polishes from BYS! The one pictured is Mint Apple ... interesting!!! I definitely want to try these out and see if they are over the top smelling or that perfect balance.

Are you going to try them?



  1. DEFINTELY going to get some of these!

  2. Ooh - yeah I'll probably try them out too :) they look interesting :)

  3. ooooooh, arhhhhhh! Interesting! My wallet also!
    I walked in Kmart yesterday and found they made a new "tall display" and it was CHOCKERS with BYS. Nail polish heaven! They had so much and some i hadn't even seen before!

  4. They look cool, huh girls?

    Kelz, my mum said the same thing!! She said they had HEAPS now and they never used to!

  5. Scented hey... does that mean it won't smell like death (like all other BYS polishes smell to me)?

  6. hahah hopefully not :P Or maybe it'll smell like pretty death :P