Thursday, August 11, 2011

Overcoming perfectionism

I forgot to do an It's Almost Friday Funny Video this week.
And you know what? That's okay!
I'm trying to overcome perfectionism at the moment. I am a perfectionist with everything important to me in life. If I enjoy doing something, I will try to be perfect at it.
But if I don't enjoy something, I could not give two shits. Things I just don't care about fall by the wayside.
Anyway, I digress.
I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself with blogging and it's turned from something I enjoyed into something which has to be perfect.

Last night I wanted to paint my nails. I really wanted to paint them BYS Hocus Pocus, a gorgeous, gorgeous aqua with a shimmer through it.
But I didn't.
You know why?
Because I've blogged that polish before.
I wouldn't let myself wear the damn polish because I'd already blogged about it. Seriously!?
So I painted my nails BYS Peacock instead. A colour I don't even particularly like, but haven't blogged about yet.
That was a bit of a warning sign that I was turning this blog into yet another perfectionist behaviour.

So I need to relax! I
If I want to wear a colour I've worn before, who cares!? I should wear the damn colour! It doesn't matter if I don't blog about it. I'm doing this because I love nail polish and it makes me happy, not to churn out blog posts.

So you may see slightly fewer blog posts from me in the coming weeks. But just know that they are all done with love and attention rather than for the sake of it!



  1. I say blog what you want, even if you've done it before. If you love the polish that much it deserves to be blogged again, and again , and again.
    And if you need another reason, I've entered some giveaways where you could get an extra entry for knowing what the persons favourite Green was, if you need questions for any giveaways it could be 'what is my favourite aqua'.
    Also, reading entries about colours people love is always much more satisfying than entries that go 'This is such and such a colour. It looks okay'.

  2. Awww thanks, Cat! That makes me feel a lot better :D
    So true that it's better to read a passionate entry than a forced one.
    Thanks heaps :D

  3. Agreed, me in a nutshell: If I enjoy doing something, I will try to be perfect at it.
    But if I don't enjoy something, I could not give two shits.

  4. Awww Chrisso, you read my blog :D Thank you :D
    Must be a family trait :P

  5. Em, exactly what cat said! You should blog for yourself, for fun or for whatever reason you started blogging. Write about what YOU want to write about and not what people want or expect you to write about. It's your blog! :)

  6. Thanks, Kel :D You ladies have been SO supportive and I really appreciate it!!! I love reading your comments :)

  7. *seconding these ladies before me*
    I am new to the online lacquer community but have been a polish maniac for some time, and there have been times where I wore something I didn't feel like wearing to go meet up with my nail tech/beauty fanatic/lacquer loving friends because I wanted to be wearing something different than they had seen on me, or hard to find or whatnot. At some point I said, dammit I'm gonna wear what I want!! I wasn't doing it for me in the same way, and I was happy to take it back.
    One lovely thing about polish is that it is different every time we wear the same color--never exactly the same :) For me now, instead of trying to wear all of my untrieds, hard to finds, etc, I love to rewear and rewear favorites because every time it's a new experience with a color I *love* and I'm happy that you have found polishes you love :) feel the awesomeness of enjoying color!

  8. Thanks so much, Cici! I'm finally learning that it's not about quantity, it's about quality! And what's the point if you don't love it?! I don't have the time/patience to sit and swatch numerous polishes so my polish usually stays on for a day or two.. so I'd better love it :P
    You're so right about polishes being different each time we wear it.
    Thank you again :D This is an awesome comment.