Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adelaide haul

So it’s time to come clean about just how much I bought in Adelaide.

I had some amazing finds which I did not expect. But I’ll save the best for last Winking smile




Their new Clean Start starter kit. I’m already so impressed with this! The face wash smells amazing and the “Bedtime for Breakouts” gel is awesome.



The lovely lady at the chemists was awesome enough to give me plenty of samples of moisturisers, scrubs and pimple cream. Love samples Open-mouthed smile




Body Care Kit. This has a huge tub of salt scrub, hand cream and foot cream plus a loofah. This stuff is amazing. The scrub leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and it is so good for your hands. When you apply the hand cream after you scrub, your hands feel absolutely beautiful and new. This wasn’t cheap, but it will last a long time and in my opinion, it is so worth it! My partners hands have never been so soft!



Jungle Brolly Hand Shield and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.

I’ve heard great things about the Hand Shield, so I really wanted to try it. Haven’t quite got around to it yet but I will let you guys know when I do! You can never have too many tubes of Papaw Ointment. It’s my go-to cuticle balm at the moment and it’s helping my dry, angry cuticles so much. I keep one in my handbag and apply it at work every time I come back from the ladies’. The awesome thing about it is that it’s a cuticle balm and lip balm in one!




French Manicure kit! I’ve been wanting some good french mani colours for a while and have heard that these are good. The buffer and rubber cuticle stick are a bonus too! You only get 10 nail guides which is a bit of a rip off, but luckily I have plenty already.




Confetti and Bouquet



Waterlilly, Gooseberry and Mulberry


Pacific Fever, NYC Jelly Bean (I did not even notice that this wasn’t an Ulta3 until I saw the photo!!) and Hollywood

I got these at a chemist in the Central Markets. You should have heard my squeal when I noticed the bin Smile with tongue out


Here’s a close up of Waterlilly:


Isn’t it a stunner? I don’t have one like this in my collection so I’m super excited to try it!







Such a beautiful, unique colour. I got this on sale at Target for $5.86!!!




I’ll Be Frank, Silver Screen and Paris Night.

How gorgeous are these!? I’ll Be Frank is totally unique; look at the gorgeous gold shimmer! The Silver Screen is really a very light bluey silver and is stunning. I cannot wait to try these!

They were three for $19 at Price Attack, or $7.95 each. Stunning! Mum told me to check these out and I am so glad I did!


And now, last but certainly not least:

China Glaze OMG/Kaleidescope Collections


DV8, 2NITE x2 (although one looks more purple than the other and that’s not just in the photo?! I’m going to have to try them both!), QT and Kaleidescope Him Out.

These were such a random, amazing find. My partner was getting his hair cut and I was wandering around the little shopping centre that his hairdressers are in. I spotted this little Asian nail salon and contemplated going in and though “nah, can’t be bothered” but then something propelled my lil legs towards the store and I found myself looking at a cabinet of tester China Glazes. I spotted the holos straight away, freaked out and promptly asked one of the shop assistants if they sold the polishes. The answer: YES! I initially just bought the 2NITE and Kaleidescope Him Out but when I showed them to my partner he asked if I had enquired if they had any more stock. Bless his heart! We raced back to the nail salon and I spotted the other colours that I had missed. They only had one double (the 2NITE) but I scored the DV8 and QT as well. I am sooooo excited Open-mouthed smile I have been wanting these for SO LONG!
I’m going to try out both 2NITEs and if they are the same, sell one off. But I have no idea how much to sell it for?  Any ideas?


After my China Glaze buys, I declared myself on a no buy until I had tried  most of my untrieds.

That lasted until the next night when I went to Woolworths up here where I live and spotted the brand new bin of NYC polishes for $2 each.

I agonised over whether to buy any and my partner tormented me by suggesting to buy some of the colours. Finally my lovely, amazing, wonderful partner gave me $10 and told me to go nuts. He offered $20 but I couldn’t find that many colours I liked.

I ended up with these babies:


Red Slippers (looks like a Ruby Pumps wannabe but has gold glitter), Angel (is not just straight white, has a gorgeous pearly glitter through it), Lemon, Peachy Keen and Lavender.


Aaaand now I think I’m done buying for a while. I currently have 46 untried nail polishes. 46!!!!!! One of those polishes in the photo below is the top coat for the french manicure set I mentioned above, so it doesn’t count!




So there you have it, my Adelaide haul. I did buy a few other things like shoes, socks and undies, but nothing as exciting as these finds!


Hope you enjoyed seeing my mad shopping frenzy!!



  1. Wow. I've been waiting all week for this post. And it was well worth it. I didn't even think that dusty hunting would work in Australia, but obviously it did. Sooooooo lucky. Enjoy all your purchases. Hate to think how many untrieds I have.

  2. And I agree, you can never have too much Pawpaw

  3. Hehehe it took me sooooo long to do this post, Cat! When I saw how long it was, I was like "oh my lord ..." I had SO MUCH FUN buying all these things! I was like a kid in a candy store :D
    Pawpaw is the bomb!! When I was writing this post I noticed that Lucas' spell it "Papaw".. wtf?! Why!?

  4. That is some haul! The Dermalogica kit looks really interesting too! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I'm so jealous of the China Glaze polishes!! Great find! I have only seen them once for sale in Adelaide before so I'm totally in awe!! Well done!

  6. Congrats on the amazing haul. Especially those China Glazes. I never think to go into old salons around here, but I really should try!

  7. Thanks ladies!
    Cincly, the Dermalogica kit is GREAT! I love it! I love the moisturiser too, the "Brighten Up" one. It's tinted and absolutely beautiful.

    Claire, I can't believe I found them!!

    Kitties, why can I never remember your name?! Definitely try old salons, you never know what they have!!

  8. wow, awesome haul! I've been waiting all week for this! haha
    You must tell me where the store is for the china glazes? haha i NEED to know! i never bothered looking at nail salons as i thought they might have been dearer than i can get them online. Enjoy your polish swatching! I'm in the same boat, i have loads of untrieds!

  9. Hahaha really, Kel? You must have all known I'd go crazy :P
    The China Glazes were at this nail salon in Castle Plaza, I really can't remember what it's called but there's only one there (apart from Essential Beauty who suck and didn't sell the Chemistry polishes :()
    They were pretty dear (well, not to us Aussies) at $12 a bottle but seeing as they're so hard to find, I was happy with that :D
    I'm having real issues deciding which polishes to use next.. I tried out the Nubar 2010 on top of my new Bloom one last night and then mattified it using ChG Matte Magic and it looks AMAZING.

  10. haha Thanks Em! I may check them out sometime but if it's only the ones you got.. then, i already have them haha! $12 is a good price compared to what they are selling on eBay! I can't believe i've been into Castle Plaza so many times and never even thought to look in the salons! Soo peeved now! haha Essential Beauty suck! I've never heard anything good about them a all regarding anything they sell (or don't, in your case) and the services they provide. I'm staying well away from them! haha
    ohhh, that sounds interesting! I have 2010 and LOVE it! It's awesome for putting over anything and again using matte after that! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Adelaide!

  11. Yeah I cleaned 'em out, Kel :P Do you live near Castle Plaza?
    Essential Beauty are terrible! They pierced my nose once and used the cheapest, most horrible jewellery.
    2010 is so versatile :D I was loving the matte flakies today :D

  12. No i don't live near it but i work at Burnside Village so it really isn't that far plus i'm always down near that area to get dog food at Petstock!
    Look forward to seeing more of your nails! keep up the good work!

  13. Ahhh I see, awesome! Yeah, I get my crickets for my froggies at Petstock. That Petstock is the best :D
    Thanks hun, thanks heaps for the comments :D