Wednesday, August 31, 2011

N.Y.C. Color–Red Slippers with Konad

This lovely little number is one of the N.Y.C. Color’s that I bin dived for at our local Woolworths. They never have nail polish bins so I practically wet myself when I saw them.

No, not really. But I was so excited.

My friend from work, Kate, and an old uni friend, Heidi, came over last week one evening to catch up, dip yummy strawberries into chocolate fondue, and have their nails done.

Unfortunately I took a really crappy photo of Heidi’s nails, and I hadn’t snapped a million shots of them like I do with my own. But this is Kate’s mani that she picked for her job interview the next day:



Red Slippers, two coats.

This is N.Y.C. Color’s version of Ruby Pumps, I think. It looks very similar in the bottle, just with less red glitter and more gold glitter, but the prettiness isn’t strong enough to show through the Konad-ing. I love this Konad design! You may remember it from a recent post, and I was happy to do it again because it’s so funky.

Kate loved her nails, and I hope they gave her a little confidence boost for her scary interview!

Do you like doing your friend’s nails or just your own? I love doing other people’s nails but I’m not nearly as good at it as I am with my own!