Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BYS Blue Hawaii w/ Konad

How have I overlooked this colour for so long!?

I bought BYS Blue Hawaii months ago. I reckon it would have been in December last year. Yet I have never used it until now.



Beautiful Open-mouthed smile Apart from the fuzzies  which somehow became attached to my nail there!

This is two coats, with a coat of SV, Konad stamping in Psyche Pink and then a coat of the Konad Special Top Coat.



A close up of the Konad-ing. Not my best work, but I only planned on wearing the mani for a day so I wasn’t too devastated!


This is such an easy colour to apply and clean up. It was streak-free and dried quickly. LOVE!

I’m so into the blues (and greens!) lately. Wait til you see the hauls I’m getting in the next week or so Smile with tongue out



  1. I firmly believe that some bits of fuzz which are invisible to the naked eye jump out of hiding when they see a camera pointed at them. :)

    Nice combination of colors you used!

  2. I totally agree, Karen!!! Like smudgeds and messy cuticles :P

    Thanks :)

  3. Thanks, Cat :D I love blue and hot pink together too! I love the hot pink Konad especially :D