Friday, July 1, 2011

Milani 3D Holographic–HD

I truly wish I owned this polish, but it’s another one I borrowed from my nail tech friend. And she got it in Fiji Sad smile

When I first applied this polish I though “meh, this isn’t going to be very holo … how disappointing!”

But I put on my three coats and then a coat of SV and went outside to take some photos …




Woah. Woaaaaaaaaah!

Look at all the pretty holo dancing in the sunlight!!!

Here’s a blurry shot to show more of the prettiness.




Oh how I wish I owned this polish … where do I get Milani polishes from!? I’ve tried ebay and only found one colour I didn’t like. But this one is goooorgeous! It has fuelled my holo addiction even more. Must buy holos! Can’t wait til my first full pay. I think I’m going to go nuts ordering US brands Open-mouthed smile


Edit: I just found a website to order Milani’s from!!!! Cherry Culture is a US site that ships to Australia!!!  And their postage is very reasonable … I just ordered 11 polishes and it was US$25.43 postage (7-14 days) including insurance! They had Milani holos on sale for $3.75 – bargain! Sooo I ordered all six colours Smile with tongue out And a Milani Nail Flash polish in “Photo Flash”. And a couple of LA Colours for $2 each. Aaand a couple of Sinful Colours for $2.50 each. Smile with tongue out $62 later … not bad for 11 polishes though!


Are you in <3 with holos as much as I am???



  1. YES! Absolutely heart holo polishes.

    This one is gorgeous! I can't wait for you to get all of them so I can stalk them :D

    I shall do a Cherry Culture order once my spending ban is lifted. Gahhh so hard!

  2. i knoooow, they are the best :D :D

    I can't wait til I get them either.. They were despatched on Wednesday so I hope it doesn't take tooooo long! I just ordered some holo pigments to make some frankens, can't wait for them to get here!

    Spending ban, urgh!!!

  3. Try Beauty Joint. I found them better than Cherry Culture. By better I mean my parcel arrived faster! They only had the Holo Milani's but they are $3.75