Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Face Shop + BYS Cracked Black

So sad, I had to chop my nails down because I got a tear in one Sad smile Ah well, better to have them all the same length.

Anyway,  here’s another first – my very first time using a crackle nail polish! I don’t actually own any crackles so I borrowed this one off my nail tech friend Amanda (thanks Manda!)

This was actually my second attempt at it because I had already attempted it right before this mani … I’d done one coat of BYS Orange Matte and then only a thin coat of BYS Cracked but only got very thin cracks … it was after Googling some tips that I found out you need to apply the crackle polish thickly to get bigger cracks! I then made the mistake of not waiting long enough for the polish to dry and the cracks to appear. Trust me, do not do this!! Be patient and wait. Because I was silly and applied my SV like normal and it all smudged and most of the cracks disappeared!!!

Anyway, my second attempt was much better.

I started off with my SV base coat and two coats of The Face Shop’s “GR502” (I hate how they don’t have names!) which is a bright neon lime green. This colour is awesome for toenails and I wore it a lot this past summer but is a bit much for my fingernails. It is super easy to apply and has full coverage in two coats though.




Then I added a thick coat of BYS Cracked Black and waited for the magic to happen …


FaceShop Cracked

AWESOME!!!! The cracks started appearing after a minute or so and it was completely done in about 10 minutes. This time I was patient and made sure the polish was completely dry and finished cracking. Then I applied a thin coat of my Revitanail top coat, because I didn’t want to risk it smudging again. I wasn’t sure if that had happened because of SV as well or just because of my impatience!

My favourite nail would have to be my ring finger nail there. I love the huge cracks down the side and the black space in the middle.


Unfortunately this polish doesn’t wear very well. By the end of the night I already had a couple of chips and the next day had quite a few chips. It didn’t matter too much because it kind of added to the irregular-ness (is that even a word?!) of the polish.


I’m definitely going to be placing an order for some Cracked nail polishes from Fashion Addict on pay day!!


Do you love crackles too?




  1. Looks great. I think Fashion Addict knows what day I get paid simply because all my orders are always on the same day of the month.

  2. I'm a fail with crackles, I don't know why. I've only really tried it once, and it all flaked off and fell off my nails. I will have to try it again soon though, with different polish!

    I love that green <3

  3. Cat - Hahaha I know what you mean .. I cannot believe how much I spent on polishes!!!

    Reeree - Did you happen to apply it over a top coat??? Because the other night I was going to freshen up my mani by painting the Cracked over my mani which had a coat of SV on and as it dried it just flasked off!!

  4. lindo color, y que mejor si le pones el crackle
    lo maximo