Saturday, July 30, 2011

Milani holos & The Face Shop with Konad

Last Saturday my partner’s sister and Mum flew in from Adelaide to spend the day with us for my partner’s birthday.
We had a lovely lunch and I did their nails Open-mouthed smile
Here’s what they chose:

The Face Shop PP403 (two coats) with some Konad stars stamped on in the eggplant colour Princess Special Polish.

This turned out great, although the image on the Konad plate was a little hard to use … I had to try multiple times before the entire image transferred onto the stamp. Pretty, though.

His sister requested Milani 3D Holographic in Digital, a pretty pink which is transformed in the sunlight (which was apparently lacking in my photos).

Three coats of Digital with some cute leaves and flowers stamped on with the Konad Princess Special Polish in purple. Excuse the bit on the index finger, she accidentally bumped it right before I took the shot!!

Close up of the flowers on the thumb. Pretty, huh? She loved it!
I love doing people’s nails Open-mouthed smile



  1. So jealous of your stamping abilities! I just fail at even soft-stamping :(

  2. Keep at it!!! You should have seen my first attempts - they were laughable!!! Seriously, it's just something that needs practice, practice, practice. I had a look at the soft stamping and to me, it looks harder than "hard" stamping. I'm not a fast person at all either, I'm very sloooow in everything I do, and I take my time with the Konad. It doesn't need to be done in half a second like they make it out to be.. I take my time fumbling for my scraper and then stamper as I stamp :P :P