Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sip sip sippin’ on Orphan Tears

It’s time for the Almost Friday Funny Video!

I cheated a bit, because this isn’t a funny video, I just really wanted you guys to see it.

My partner introduced me to Ray William Johnson’s YouTube channel, and we watch it religiously every Tuesday and Friday (Aussie time). This guy, Ray, reviews viral videos and he’s hilarious. He gets millions of views on YouTube.

He also has a “band”. They’re called Your Favourite Martian and they have their own YouTube channel too.


They are amazing. Seriously, the graphics, the music, everything is totally amazing. This is my favourite of theirs, Orphan Tears.


You must go to his channels and watch more!


Other favourites are The Stereotypes Song, Club Villain, Zombie Love Song and Fight to Win.



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