Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frankenpolish–Purple Meteor

I finally tried out my Coastal Scents silver hologram glitter powder and did some frankening.



I started with an old Revlon pink tinted shimmery top coat that I’ve had for a long time and added some hologram powder. Then I thought “meh, boring” and added some of an old dark purple polish and a little black. I couldn’t tell you the exact measurements, because it was a bit of an experimental one.

Anyway, I ended up with a holo polish that I love.



Pretty, pretty dark purple holo.



This is two coats, no top coat. It’s crazy pretty. Love the dark purple and holo combo! A tiny bit disappointing because the holo powder is a linear holo in the jar but doesn’t turn out linear on the nails Sad smile


Oh well, here’s a close up of the bottle to show the pretty sparkles!




Do you like frankening?




  1. ZOMG!! I wants it, my precioussss....
    Hehe i've only tried frankening once and used normal glitter. The polish ate it and the base is now a murky green colour :P

  2. LOVE IT!!!!

    I'll be franking again once my new bottles arrive ... I haven't had much successful luck so far but I'll keep trying

  3. Wow Em this looks awesome! Well done :) So pretty!!!!!

  4. Can you give me the price of this product and where i can get this.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    glitter powder

  5. Thank you thank you, guys!!!

    Cincly, ewwww!!! YucK :P I've made that mistake too. Definitely takes patience!!

    Guys, do you think Kenneth Lee is a bot/troll!?

    Kenneth Lee - I'm sorry, I don't sell this.

  6. omg! this is amazing! I want to try some frankening sometime!!
    May i ask, where did get the silver hologram stuff from?

  7. Thanks, Kelz :D Frankening is so much fun. I got the holo stuff from Coastal Scents..
    They are awesome :D

  8. Oh thanks Em! I'll definitely check them out!
    Another question, how much is shipping roughly and how long did it take? I'm really interested in getting some glitters now! =)

  9. Shipping is not bad actually, because they don't weigh much! I got 4 x 28g pots of the glitters and that will last me aaaages and it cost $9.60 shipping. $3.95 each + $9.60 shipping so $18.45 (USD) for all 4. Not bad :D
    I'll check my order.. I ordered on 30 June, it was shipped on July 1 and received it on 14 July.. so that was 10 business days!

  10. Thanks Em! That sounds pretty good! Might have to place an order soon!
    Thanks so much for your help!

  11. No probs at all, Kelz :) I like to encourage the frankening :P :P

  12. Gotta put an order in. This is gorgeous.

  13. Thanks, Shel! I'm a little proud of it :P
    Cat, it's awesome stuff. They have a LOT on the website too!