Friday, July 8, 2011

BYS Matte Grey with white Konad zebra stamping

I did not have any luck at all with my nails tonight! I painted them a beautiful Face Shop pastel blue colour and stamped them with Konad heart tips and then smudged the crappola out of my right hand. Sigh.

I just didn’t know what colour I wanted to paint them, and then I remembered I had this beauty:
BYS Matte Grey. This is two coats without a top coat. This is almost a one-coater, but not quite. Goes on beautifully and dries quickly (as most mattes do).

And then of course I had to practice Konad-ing!


The smudginess is annoying me … hurry up and get here, Konad kit!! If they all looked as good as my ring finger I’d be happy, but my middle and little fingers are bugging me. This will come off tomorrow night. I’ve lost patience tonight!!!

edit: As much as the perfectionist in me isn't entirely happy with this mani, I've had some good feedback! One of the girls at work said she loved my nails and asked where I got them done.. When I told her that I did them, she said "oh, I don't like fake nails" and I said "they're not fake, they're real" and she just about fell over! It was awesome :D Gave me a buzz for the rest of the day!!



  1. They look great! I like this design! I find the zebra pattern versatile, it can go over almost anything! nice job! =)
    I know what you mean when you get a buzz! I work in customer service and i get compliments all the time and people can't tell if they are fake or real and once you tell them they are real, they are gobsmacked haha

  2. Thanks hun :D It is so versatile, love it!

    It's so nice to get those compliments :D Really picks me up!!

  3. Great combination, love the colours and the pattern! Shatter is about the most adventurous I go when it comes to nail art, so I'm very impressed.

  4. Thanks :D I can't wait to get my Konad kit because the smudginess was seriously irritating me!! But then, I'm a perfectionist haha.
    I've only recently even started doing crackles/shatter, so it's not long before you start wanting to try all sorts of stuff :p