Friday, July 22, 2011

Milani Photo Flash with Konad Plaid stamping

I give you … Milani Photo Flash.

One of the prettiest colours I own!


Oh wow, sorry about the messy and dry cuticles there. I did not notice that when I was taking the photo. How embarassing!


This is a gorgeous deep berry red, with a slight red glittery shimmer through it. Stunning! Opaque in two coats (you could probably get away with one in a rush!) and wears awesomely.

But I couldn’t leave it alone, could I?



Konad plaid stamping using the Konad Special Polish in white. Don’t mind the wonky thumb and little finger.  My Konad skills are still being refined Smile with tongue out


This looked sooooo pretty though. The red and white just looked amazing!


What do you think of the whole nail Konad stamping? I LOVE it! Open-mouthed smile




  1. beautiful color, reminds me of apples with caramel

  2. Gorgeous colour on you. I love whole finger Konading. And I especially love that pattern .

  3. Thanks guys :D

    It's such a funky pattern!! Would be awesome in any colour, I think.