Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sinful Colors with Konad roses

I made some really good choices with my last Cherry Culture order.

Like this one:



Sinful Colors’ Mint Apple.


This is such a pretty mint green. It was a dream to apply and took three coats to reach opacity. It was just gorgeous. It has a slight shimmer through it.

It also wore like a dream. I put this on on Sunday morning and didn’t take it off until Tuesday night. I only had one chip. ONE!!!

Of course, I had to practice my Konad-ing.



Pretty roses accent nails. Excuse the black bits, I originally was stamping star printed tips and screwed it up so the Konad polish stained my cuticles and fingers something fierce. It’s really strong!!


I loved this mani. It felt so feminine without being prissy. I’m not a very girly girl so it’s important for me to find the right balance!!!!


What do you think of the roses with this colour?



  1. hello very nice polish and very nice mani... if you are interested, I am organizing an international swap on my blog (I got your contact by girlnailpolish)
    Many thanks and have a great day

  2. This is gorgeous. Great colour and fantastic stamping

  3. Thanks :D I was pretty happy with it. I'm so in love with the colour, it is perfect :D

    Thanks Cazalotte, I'll check it out!