Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Green + Disco Ball

Warning: Disaster area ahead.


GreenMetallic DiscoBall

Urgh. Urgh urgh urgh.

Ho ho ho, it’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen! I look like a freakin’ Christmas tree.


What possessed me to do this?! As if the Kleancolor Metallic Green wasn’t loud enough, I went and added Kleancolor Disco Ball to it.

It looks disgusting.

I was self conscious of my nails all day, and naturally, I got a few comments. They were comments like “Oh! Look at your nails!”, not compliments like usual! I could not wait to get this off my fingers.

Massive fail.


Anyway, the application was great (of course, a colour I hate is awesome to apply!!) and it was probably my neatest mani ever. It’s more of a foil than a metallic and it has full coverage in two coats. This is just one coat of Disco Ball on top. It’s strange, Disco Ball is actually purple and blue glitter (see photo below, second from left) but the glitter turned bronze and red on my nails?! It looked more like I applied Firework (left).




I’m definitely going to need to give this polish another chance and wear it over a better colour.

Oh, and it’s true what they say, these polishes stink. I dislike the bottles too because they hurt my poor little hands when the lid is stuck on tight and I have to wrench it open. Solution: use a square of anti-slip rubber matting to open hard to open things. My partner taught me that Open-mouthed smile


Anyway, sorry this post was so, well, ugly. But I figure I might as well show you the fails as well as the successes!! I’m only human, after all.



  1. Actually I don't mind it :) Maybe it looks worse in person. I'm looking forward to trying my new Kleancolors out too.

  2. Really?! Oh you're just being nice :P Even looking at the photos, I'm cringing :P

    That Coffee you showed on today's post looks SO nice. They all look beautiful except the green :P (I'm so biased now!!)
    Is the silver really that dark?