Friday, July 29, 2011

k.k. Gunmetal Grey with Blue spotties

I tried the first of the k.k. polishes Mum got me from Melbourne!

I love the formula. Such a perfect consistency and this grey was a one coater!! I did two coats, of course, because it just felt wrong doing one Smile with tongue out

Look at the pretty silver shimmer through it:



Beware, though, your nose will hate you. These stink.



Pretty, pretty, pretty! Such a nice, dark yet shimmery colour!



And then I tried out my new nail dotting tool and did some dotties with the greeny blue KK polish! They didn’t stand out too well but I still liked them!


What do you think?



  1. Very pretty, I like the subtlety of the green dots.
    I feel weird only doing one coat of things. I always put on a second one even if I don't need too.

  2. Me too!! One coat just feels wrong. I keep thinking "maybe I have some bald spots and I just can't see them in this light!!" so I put on another coat :P hehehe

  3. I love, kisses

    Greetings from Peru

  4. Thank you, deysi! Hope you have a great day :)