Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ulta3–Tahitian Lime with stamping

I decided to go for a nice, bright colour last weekend. It was hot on the Friday and Saturday so I felt the need for my nails to reflect that!


Ulta3 have been releasing some amazing polishes lately. First, the Summer Siren collection and then the Gelato collection. I’ve been trying polishes from the Gelato collection lately but decided to go back to one of the polishes I hadn’t tried from the Summer Siren collection.


This is Tahitian Lime:


Wow, bright!!! But not in a bad way! This is a really funky green. Luckily it didn’t give me lobster hands but I think it would not be a colour that suits everyone. This is two coats and I wasn’t a fan of the formula. It was streaky and applied unevenly as you can see in the photo. Not even Seche Vite could save it!


I haven’t done any nail stamping in so long because we have been moving house and my stamping gear has been in boxes. I was dying to do some stamping so I whipped out my trusty Red Angel image plates.

Continuing with the summer theme, I stamped them like this:


This is such a funky design! I love this mani! I used the Konad special polish in white to stamp and the Red Angel plates. Can’t remember what plate number it is but if you ask I’ll check!


Have you been doing manis which reflect the weather lately?



  1. I like colours with an attitude, so I like this green. :)

  2. It definitely has attitude :D

  3. I love it, your stamping is so neat! I've been going bright colours, but it's been hard this gloomy summer, I keep ending up with dark colours!

  4. Thank you :D It's taken a long time to get to that point, trust me!
    It hasn't been a really hot summer, has it? I'm grateful for that though, last summer was a stinker here. We got the highest temp in the state - 48.7 degrees! Yuck!
    Thanks, Kristy :D