Thursday, February 23, 2012

NYC Color–Lemon

Alert, alert, problem polish ahead!!! This polish was a pain in the bum to apply and would not even out no matter what I did!
The colour was not good enough to make it worth the trouble!
What is the culprit?

NYC Color’s Lemon:


The photos flatter it, trust me. This was two thick, unmanageable coats. Blurgh. Never again! I’m wondering if this is the same polish as the Ulta3 in their new Gelato collection. I have that one too and it looks very much the same and all the reviews I’ve read say the formula is terrible.


I tried to jazz it up a bit but it was just a fail:


I freehanded some french tips with an unnamed Asian bright yellow glitter polish. Looks pretty revolting!


Oh well, I tried Smile with tongue out Have you had any disappointments lately?