Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPI DS haul

I went a littttle crazy on Catch of the Day and bought a whole bunch of OPI DS polishes. They were a good price, especially for Australia!! I looked on eBay and it looks like I got a pretty good deal Open-mouthed smile AND they were here within a week of me ordering them Open-mouthed smile Winner!


Anyway, here are my DS babies:


Extravagance, Reflection, Bold.



Magic, Temptation, Mystery. Magic looks like it is going to be AMAZING. Get on my fingers now Open-mouthed smile



Glow, Classic, Opulence.


They just look so pretty, I almost don’t want to use them.. I said almost!!!



  1. Damn it, how did I not see this in Catch of the Day. Too much email in my inbox. Great hauling Em.

  2. They are so pretty :D
    Cathy, I've recently been unsubscribing to everything in my inbox that I usually delete and it's cleared up my inbox soo much. I reckon that's why I caught this sale!