Friday, February 24, 2012

OPI DS Temptation

Wow, this is one seriously bling-y polish.

I’m not sure what else to say, so I’ll let the picture do the talking:


This is OPI DS Temptation. Gorgeous purple glitter polish with blue and silver glitter.

Insanely crappy formula due to the insane amount of glitter, but totally worth it. This was so shiny and sparkly, I had loads of compliments. My clean up was less than average because of the stubborn glitter which stuck to my fingers, but it still looks awesome Open-mouthed smile

Do you like the bling?


  1. I do like the Bling! very pretty

  2. I also have this colour and love it! :-) You should check out this combo I did with colour with essie's luxeffects shine of the times over the top! AMAZING!!

  3. love it!! but i can imagine it being forever to take off.

    I was wondering where you order your nail polishes from online? hard to find china glaze and opi cheap here in perth or at all.

    Another thing wanted to share that ozsale is selling essie polishes for $5! I ended buying 6 bottles. >.<

    1. plus free shipping in australia. cry. my wallet!

    2. Mmm generally I get stuff from ebay or ... haven't used before but I hear they're good. There is also ... And then I jump on the specials on Ozsale of course!!

      Yesss, I ordered 10 bottles of essie from Ozsale haha :P