Friday, February 10, 2012


I had a job interview last week so I needed an interview appropriate polish colour. I wasn’t sure whether to go for a neutral beige or tan or a light pink. I ended up going with the light pink and I hated it!!!


This is B by Bloom Copenhagen


Two coats. The formula wasn’t too bad, a little streaky but nothing major and nothing a coat of Seche Vite couldn’t sort out.

Now, this polish was a very pale pink with microglitter through it. It looked great in the bottle but it gave me major lobster hands and the colour just didn’t suit me. I was so disappointed Sad smile I think this colour would look great on someone with more of an olive skintone.


Have you had any polish fails lately?



  1. Thanks, Kristy.. I think it's gorgeous but it just really doesn't suit me :(

  2. I hope the interview went well, despite the disappointing nail polish. *fingers crossed* :)

  3. Thanks :D I should find out Tuesday!!

  4. Nothing worse than "pretty in the bottle but not on the hands" polish.

    Stick it into your swap pile! :)

  5. Deeefinitely! Not interested in wearing it again!!