Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maybelline mini Colorama–Peach Cocktail

Do you ever get those times where every single polish you wear, you’re absolutely in love with? I was having one of those weeks last week and I was sad each time I took a polish off!!

This is a Maybelline mini Colorama which was gifted to me as an extra when I bought a few things in a blog sale. I’d never used a mini Colorama before and I was pleasantly surprised.


Droooooool! Look at that beautiful shimmer! How perfect is this for summer? We’re having scorching weather at the moment, averaging 42 degrees Celcius the past few days, so it is the perfect summer shade.

Formula was amazing, two coats. It wore really well. No complaints here!!



  1. Looks awesome on you! I have this colour and as much as it is awesome with all that shimmery goodness it just looks blegh on my hands haha. So out of place i had to take it off. It suits you well. =)

  2. Thanks, Kel :D That sucks that it doesn't suit your hands :( Nothing worse than looking forward to a polish and finding it doesn't suit yoU :(