Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tony Moly unnamed grey-blue-green

I’m currently mourning the loss of my nails. I cut them down, as I always do when they get to a certain length, and I went a little too far and now I hate them Sad smile

Oh well, they grow fairly quickly but I just have to be careful about what colours I paint them. Boo.

This is one of the Tony Moly polishes I got from Morning Glory in Adelaide:



I can never work out what colour to call this kind of shade. It’s like a grey-blue-green. Either way, it’s gorgeous!

This is two coats and it went on like a dream. I’m most impressed as this only cost me $3.50. Tony Moly are an Asian brand and, as far as I know, the only place to get them (apart from online) in Adelaide is Morning Glory.

So what are you waiting for!? Get to it and collect some Tony Molys!!




  1. Aww I totally feel you. I recently had to cut mine down too, but for me it was cause one of them broke and one looked like it was going to break! >____< I like to use this chance to go with really bright colors, because I think long nails look tacky with super bright colors haha. That's a really pretty color btw! It looks like a dusty teal! Kind of like Butter London Victoriana, but without the silver shimmer =] I can't believe Tony Moly's an asian brand. The name is so random! Haha (:

  2. It sucks, huh Eileen? I cut them tooo far :( That's a good idea, bright colours.. I usually go with pastels when I have super short nails cos I think it looks so cute, but this time they were too short for anything to look cute :(
    Oooh yeah you're right, it does look like Victoriana without the shimmer!

  3. Now i feel like i've to go to Adelaide!! I've been trying to get my hands on Tony Moly for awhile now, without having to go to Korea, of course. And without eBay, because it's soooo overpriced there. I had to cut my nails down too, my sympathies are with you!

  4. Hahaha. Do you have any Morning Glory stores where you are, Nicole?? It is ridiculously expensive on eBay, that's why I was soo chuffed I found it in a shop!!
    Aww your poor nails :(

  5. Aww they don't look too bad at all. I'm going to have to get my hand on some of these as they look awesome!

  6. Aww thanks, Sarah! I just got used to them being longer! They are great polishes.. so cheap too :D The Morning Flory down the bottom of the Myer Food Court in Rundle Mall has 'em!

  7. I bought my first Tony Moly last week and I like it! it's pastel green and I noticed that Tony Moly has a wide range of cute colours, compared to strong, dark coloured polish. I shall find the colours you have up there too ^^