Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chi Chi Disco Diva

Apologies, apologies… I have neglected my blog the past couple of days because I was in Adelaide doing my hot stone massage and cupping courses! They were AMAZING. The man who taught us was a wealth of knowledge and I picked up so many hints and tricks that I never ever considered! I have been knocked out the past couple of days with a super-cold. The hot stones brought it out of me but I’m healing a lot quicker than normal, which I completely think is due to the stones. I’m a total convert and I can’t wait to start practicing it!


Anyway, onto the polish! Talk about bling bling. This Chi Chi polish, Disco Diva, is amazing!

Check out the craziness happening on my nails:


Woo! This was two coats. Crappy formula, very thick and gluggy, but nothing a bit of thinner won’t fix! It took three coats of SV to smooth it out because it was a little gritty.


As most glitter polishes do, this wore well. I applied it Thursday evening and ended up taking it off on Sunday night because I had a few very, very large chips and I picked the rest off until there as hardly anything left. Ha!




  1. How bizarre- I have the larger bottle of Chi Chi Disco Diva & it is a completely different polish!

  2. It's a silver holographic glitter - want me to email you a pic?

  3. Once my glitters start to chip I peel them off too, it makes the removal of the rest of it so much easier. :D
    This is a lovely glitter.

  4. It definitely makes it tonnes easier :D I barely had to remove any of it and what I did have to remove SUCKED!! So I'm glad I peeled it off :P