Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Butter London Yummy Mummy

I was strolling through the airport looking for a magazine to read on my flight home on Monday when I spotted the latest issue of Madison magazine. With a free Butter London polish attached. SQUEE! Of course, I snapped it up. They had two colours to choose from, one a beige and the other a bright coral. I chose Yummy Mummy, a gorgeous beige:



No wonder people rave about Butter London, honestly. Their formula is amazing. This was two coats and I had complete coverage. It wears so well. I am rough on my nails and I have not one chip after two days. Love, love, love!

I’m actually tempted to go buy another Madison magazine to get the other polish … is that really bad of me!?!?

Have you snapped up your free Butter London polish yet!?



  1. I bought my first Madison magazine last week too - also got Yummy Mummy, looks great on you!

  2. I got both! You should get both too! haha
    Not JUST because i said so but you'd be silly not too! BUTTER LONDON for $8-95. You'll never get it that cheap ever. The pink is a nice colour too but i haven't tried them out yet, only got them today =)
    Yummy mummy looks great btw =)

  3. OMG I DID THE VERY SAME THING! My friend bought both and gave me Trout Pout! It's gorgeous, the formula is to die for. Go get Trout Pout too! It's totally worth it(: And Yummy Mummy looks gorgeous(:

  4. Kristy, I actually love Madison mag.. I don't buy Cleo or Cosmo or anything but I like Madison and Marie Claire because they tend to have some good stories! So I was stoked to get a polish with a magazine I'd probably buy anyway :D

    Kelz, that's so true.. I think you've convinced me :P

    Nicole, I need to find someone to buy the mag so I can get the other polish!!

  5. If you can't anyone to buy it for you email me and i can see if i can get it for you! =)

  6. I got the retina-burning coral! Butter London is one of my favourite brands, I have 11 of their polishes and their base coat and top coat. The coral (Trout Pout) was actually one of the more difficult Butters I've had to apply, I'm used to them gliding on real easy... It needed three coats, all pretty thick. The end result is totally worth it though!

  7. Dangit, I thought I replied to your comment, Kel! I did find someone to buy the other one for me, but thank you :D

    I thought Trout Pout looked very sheer in the bottle, Tea Pixie!! I think I need some more Butter Londons .. dangit, another favourite brand :P