Friday, November 11, 2011

Custom Polish–Bloody Mary

I made my first polish using the untinted lacquer base (suspension base) and tints that Cathy recommended on her wonderful blog. I’ve adopted Cathy’s name for these – custom polishes. Because they are totally my own creation with no existing polishes mixed in.

So here it is, my first attempt:



This is Bloody Mary. It’s a deep magenta (leaning closer to red) jelly packed with red glitter and red hexes. This is two coats.

It is soooo squishy! I did use two coats of Joss Wet Kisses top coat to give it a glass-like finish, but it came out so glossy.

Here’s another angle:


Look at those pretty hexes Open-mouthed smile


And another:


Yummy Open-mouthed smile 


I did need more hexes because I found it hard to get them out. I only did a 1/2 full bottle to test it out so there were a lot of hexes stuck to the sides.


Nevertheless, I still love it. By my lord, was it a biatch to remove!!!! No wonder it wore so well and didn’t chip at all, because it was murder to get off!!


What do you think?



  1. I love how juicy and squishy it looks. The tints are amazing for making jelly finishes. Love your big hexes, where did you get them?

  2. Thanks guys :D

    Cathy, I got the big hexes from The Nail Shop ( Really good prices, and they're in Aus which meant I didn't have to wait forever for shipping - YAY! I got the kits.
    The tints are soooo good :D I wonder how to make them more creme though? Use pigments?

  3. Gorgeous. May have to get myself some of the tints.

  4. Naw, thanks guys!
    Cat, the tints are amazing!