Thursday, November 3, 2011

Revlon Rock with Konad m83

Here we are again, another purple. This isn’t a terribly unique purple but it’s a pretty one!

This is Revlon Rock (or Rock Star, depending on whether you bought the mini or full size or both, like me. Grr.)



Two coats. Beautiful formula, but excuse the messy application (if you click to make the photo big, you’ll see!) I’ve had a tummy bug/food poisoning/something disgusting so I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on my nails. Let’s not go there.

I Konaded one of the newer Konad designs from m83, the heart flowers/balloons/whatever it is. I’ve seen this design around a lot and I love it! I used my new Konad Special Polish in Pastel Lilac. I also bought the pastel blue, green and pink. I know I can just mix my existing Konad polishes with white, but I’m lazy and I use white a lot so it’s kind of precious to me!

I had real problems lining this stamp up! It’s a bit wonky, especially on my right hand, but it’s still pretty. I can’t wait to try the other designs on m83. Konad have really stepped up their game and started producing some different designs other than flowers lately!

Do you like their newer plates?




  1. I have this plate as well, and I'm looking forward to trying this heart/balloon design as well. :D I'm very happy with the not so flower-ish plates.

  2. I really like this stamp design-but I refuse to pay the Konad price-someone will dupe it for cheaper!

  3. OMGAHHHHH i LOVEEEE the design! they could be balloons, but i'd like to think of them as heart flowers ^___^ Mos def one of my favorite konad combos evar (:

  4. Thanks guys :D :D love all your comments!!

    Fingers, you get what you pay for though! I have the Bundle Monster plates and I am so unhappy with the. They have some awesome designs but what use are they if they don't transfer properly!?